We still need volunteers!

Hey everyone,

With only a few more days until the festival, we still need to have a lot of positions filled for during the festival. Please, if you have any more shifts that you can sign up for, let us know. It’s true when we say that we can’t run this festival with you. You guys are the backbone of this festival and what makes it great to come back to year after year. Don’t let me start off the festival being a sad panda.

There are many days that need to be filled, but we especially need volunteers during the weekday nights. A lot of you have classes or work, but even if you would need to come in late for a shift, we would still love to have you come in. Just let us know and we set something up. We will have double comps for those that can work during the weekday night shifts and well for Sundays both shifts. You can find the volunteer schedule on the Qfest home page under Festival Extras or on the Volunteer Page. Just send me a email with what shifts you would like to sign up for.

Again, we can’t do this without. Come help us out of this tight spot!

Alila Cornelius-Jordan
Volunteer Coordinator

(215) 733-0608 x277


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